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    Making it easier for introverts to connect, build network and do business.


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  • Business networking that works for introverts.

    Learn to build your business network. In just 4 weeks.


    Starting from January 4, 2017

    2:00 PM - 4:00 PM at Oromo Coffee

    S$200 investment

    Week 1

    Meet And Connect


    • Introduction Warm-ups

    • Sharing of Challenges

    • Accountability Buddy

    • 2017 Goal Setting

    Week 2

    Motivated Business Acquisition Workshop


    • Four Ways To Market Your Business

    • Fundamentals of Word of Mouth Marketing

    • Marketing & Sales Process

    • 4P’s of Referral Marketing

    Week 3

    Business Networking Fundamentals


    • Clarity of Purpose

    • Networking Reality Check

    • What’s Your Story & Message
    • Your Hip Pocket Introductions

    Week 4

    A Referral Generating Plan


    • Target Clients & Ideal Referral Sources

    • Developing a Diverse Network of Connections

    • Work & Expand your Networks of Relationships

    • Networking Game Plan

  • Things that happen in 4 weeks.

    When you step up to join BMI Alliance.


    Build your dependable and effective business network.

    Generate more referrals for your business.

    Form strategic alliances with group members.

    Receive group coaching on effective networking.

    Raise your confidence and develop leadership skills.

    Get access to exclusive online group.

  • BMI Alliance is not for everyone.

    This programme is for you only if...


    You seek personal growth.

    You're an introvert who want to raise your confidence and improve your networking skills.

    Your challenges hinder your success.

    You find it tough to generate business because of the size or strength of your network.

    You've some business experience.

    You already have a business and at least 2 years of business experience.

    You mean business.

    You're serious about building your business network and growing your business.

    You're committed.

    You can commit to 4 consecutive weeks in January - February 2017.

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    Start building your business network with BMI Alliance.

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